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"For the first time in my life, learning is relevant and actually fun."


"By putting myself in the shoes of various decision makers, I am rehearsing for my future career."


"This is not fiction.  I know these cases are real.  I get a chance to learn firsthand and to practice all kinds of skills I'll need in my job."

"I knew I could do a better job of case teaching, but did not know how. Your book showed me."


"Before I read your book, I used to be an average teacher at my school. Now I am in the top quarter."


"I needed help to survive my first case course in marketing having zero experience with cases up to the end of my Ph.D."

"Having written cases on my own for over ten years I was convinced I knew all about how to write cases. You proved me wrong."


"I was hired as a student to write cases for three months in the summer. This book helped me to write six good cases!"


"At my university, academic papers in top journals rule the roost. Now I can write good cases also."

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